Teaching Artifacts

Sample Syllabi

701 ENGLISH 1001 001 Essay Writing: Culture in context
The syllabus, readings assignments and evaluations for this semester-long writing course were developed and taught by me, as a Teaching Assistant at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The class had 18 undergraduate students ranging from freshman to seniors. I created and taught the course and graded the student work too.

ARTEDUC 367.01 Ethnic Arts as a means of communication
This second level writing course is a GEC requirement course. The course has been written by a supervising teacher and is taught by several GTAs in the department. However, GTAs have the freedom to alter and enhance individual assignments and rubrics, as well as the way in which course material, including visual texts, are presented to students. I teach a class of 25 students per term and design my own teaching materials within the broad outline of the syllabus. The syllabus you read here has been altered by me to suit the way I structure my classes. I independently teach the class and grade the student work.

Teaching Tools

ARTEDUC 367.01 Powerpoint Presentation and Assignment
This is an assignment in the class where students are asked to write a position paper on the construction of the idea of Hyphenated Americans. The powerpoint illustrates how I introduce the term and the assignment to the students from a variety of viewpoints and exemplars.

Assessment tools

Assessment Strategy: Assessing writing
Here is an exemplar of how I might evaluate a writing project for 367.01. Included are the assignment descriptor, the rubric for evaluation and a checklist for a peer-reviewed draft of the paper. The introduction to the project as presented to the students can be found under the ‘teaching tools’ page above.