Research and Development

Professional Development plans
Focusing on my intentions to teach in Higher Education, I have undertaken to complete the Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization (GIS) in College and University Teaching at the Ohio State University. For more details on this, please follow this link.

Reflexivity and Collaboration

Education Research Blog
My continuing reflexive learning in the art and technology of teaching in the contemporary world is reflected in this blog on technology and qualitative inquiry.

Collaborative Research
I have also collaborated on a critical examination of technology in education as seen in
this website.

Professional Networking
keep up with research and networking within my areas of interest by being a part of the social networking site Here is a link to my homepage on this site.

Intellectual Genealogy
Every scholar has an intellectual genealogy that develops and grows through time. Here is a reading list that reflects seminal and current influences in my development as an artist educator up to this point.

Using Technology
As an artist educator and researcher, I am always looking to update the tools of my trade. Here are some I find effective that I find worth sharing.